Ladder 23

Ladder 23 is a 2005 KME 102’ rear mount aerial platform and responds on all city structure fire incidents out of Station #1. It is equipped with a 2000 gpm pump, 300 gallons of water and 30 gallon Class A Foam tank for the FoamPro system. This quint has () 1-3/4" 200 ft. crosslay, a 2-1/2” 200 ft crosslay, and a 100ft 1-3/4" front bumper "trash" line. It carries a complement of 3" and 1000 ft. of 5" supply line, Hi-Rise/Hotel pack, and NFPA aerial apparatus ground ladder complement and Little Giant ladder. Ladder 23 carries rope and water/ice rescue equipment, rescue and chain saws, stokes basket, multi-gas monitoring, Hydra-Ram, gas PPV fan and full NFPA complement of spare SCBA bottles and truck company equipment. It is equipped with an 8Kw PTO generator, and various other gas and electric lighting equipment. Ladder 23 also carries an AED and BLS equipment, and tactical EMS gear and body armor. This truck is equipped with FireCom headsets, thermal imager, 200’ search rope bag, Knox KeySecure, and has seating for 4 firefighters.